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Authentic Window and Door Crossheads can easily and affordably add a touch of elegance to any decor by adding our door and window treatments above the top of any door trim, cased opening, or window molding. Our fine Window and Door Crossheads are all wood constructed and hand-crafted with an attention to detail, which will provide you with lasting beauty for years to come.  It is a difference you can see and feel over the other foam and vinyl products on the market today. Installation is a breeze, even a novice will be able to install with a few common household tools. Visit our Crosshead Window and Door Crown online store on the products page to see how affordable it is to dramatically change the appearance of any doorway or window in your home or office. If you have any questions before you order, you can call us or send us an e-mail on the “Contact Us” page, our courteous staff will be glad to help you. We strive for a 100% accuracy and satisfaction with each order. You can buy with confidence knowing we offer a money-back guarantee for quality and accuracy. Whether you purchase our affordable Traditional Crossheads to our luxurious Door Mantels, or anything in between, we maintain the highest standard for each product we let out our doors.


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SPECIAL DISCOUNT PRICING NOTE- Email us @ info@overthetopdoortrim.com  for possible special discount pricing. Just include Crosshead style, length, your shipping address, and whether you prefer paint-grade or stain-grade. Remember when ordering more than one crossheads, we will be able to provide you a special discount to your order and the more you order at one time the deeper the discount we will be able to give you.